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Eurocon 2007 Exhibition

Art Exhibition

4th floor, Eurocon will exhibit paintings from official Eurocon logo-designer Lene Fagerlund Larsen, Denmark, and Slovak fantasy artist extra-ordinaire, Milan Dubnicky (only Friday-Saturday).


There will also be exhibitions of spaceship models and possibly storm trooper uniforms and other SF-movie memorabilia. (We are still in negotiation with the Imperial Army about the details!)

Eurocon’s own Ulrik Kristiansen will exhibit his illustrations for the special Eurocon anthology book, which includes novellas from the Eurocon guests of honour. This book – “Fantastiske Virkeligheder” - can be purchased  (in Danish only) from the stand of Science Fiction Cirklen on the Ground Floor, where print reproductions of its illustrations will also be for sale.


On the ground floor Jean-Pierre Laigle will exhibit his amazing SF-telephone cards.


In the room FUTURES – The Visions of David A. Hardy – also on the 4th floor our special guest of honour will exhibit fine reproductions of his paintings as well as an original painting made especially for Eurocon. Hardy’s wonderful paintings as well as other exhibits will go for auction Sunday at 1800 hours and you can bid on them in advance using the special bid sheets available at the Exhibition. see "AUCTION RULES AND PROCEDURE"


'The Little Mermaid, AD 5 Billion' by David A. Hardy, a painting specialy painted for Eurocon 2007