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Overview of the programme

See the programme as it was handed out at the beginning at Eurocon 2007 programme

The parts of the program that each guests and guests of honour is partisipating in are stated under each guest.

Guest of Honors

A theme with our Guests of Honour

  • Guest of Honors Guest of Honours Anne McCaffrey, Stephen Baxter, Zoran Živković and David A. Hardy will be interviewed, give speeches, sign books/prints and hold talks about their books/artwork. They will also partake in a series of debate panels during the festival.

  • Fan Guest of Honor Niels Dalgaard will talk about his work in the Danish Fandom, interview Svend Åge Madsen and partake in panels about the Science Fiction Fandom and other fan related subjects.

  • Ghost of Honor Stanislaw Lem, who sadly passed away last year, will be honoured through a series of portraits and panel discussions 

Guests from abroad

A theme with our other guests from abroad

  • Authors, including Ruth Nestvold, Mark von Schlegell, Robert Nielson, Bruce Holland Rogers and others will read from their works and discuss their writings with the audience.

  • Harry Harrison will – true to tradition – come by to enrich the festival with anecdotes from a long and international author’s life!

  • The Nordic fans chosen by NOFF and other fan associations (in which fans in their own country collect funds to send a fan to a con in another country) will present their countries’ fandoms and their own work to promote science fiction.
  • A row of fan guests from other countries will give us an overview of the science fiction genre, and its current state, in Rumania, Spain, France, Italy, Russia, etc.

  • There will also be a row of panels each with focus on different topics: the author’s role, the editor’s role, the role of the publishers, the role of the critique, the fan, about collecting science fiction, and much more.

  • Lectures and debate about whether or not the published book still is the main foundation of new takes on the genre, or if nowadays this role has been taken over by comics, the mass media, or the internet other sources of genre renewal. Other panels will be about women and SF, Jewish SF, if a good novella should be longer than 6 words, and more.

  • European Science Fiction Society which is the force behind all of the EUROCONS will give a talk on the reasons for a common European festival, its history, and the winners of next years convention – Moscow – will lift the veil on what we can expect from them. This is also where we will be voting about who will receive the European science fiction awards and what country will be holding the festival in 2009!

  • EUROCON 2007 is also a Baltcon,which means a con for countries around the Baltic sea. There will be a row of points in the programme from these countries within the EUROCON program.­


Danish guests

A theme with our Danish guests

As we are in Denmark this year we will also be presenting Danish SF and its fandom in all its different incarnations. Some of these presentations will be in English in due consideration of our foreign guests, but there will always be at least to simultaneous events to choose from which will be in Danish.

  • Authors Svend Åge Madsen, Lene Kaaberbøl, Niels-Ole Rasmussen, Anne-Marie Vedsø Olesen, Christian Haun, Peter Adolphsen and others will read from and discuss their works with the audience.

  • Fans will discuss the Danish SF history and the new tendencies in Danish SF in both Danish and English.

  • The Danish Star Wars fans will hold the Danish National Championship in Star Wars knowledge, they will give talks about Star Wars fandom - past and present, about why one can passionately collect small plastic figurines and the 501st Legion of Danish Star Wars fans will be sporting uniforms of the Galactic Empire Stormtroopers and talk about why one wants to spend hundreds of dollars on a suit in which one cannot be recognised!

  • The Danish Star Trek fans vwill hold their Danish National Championship on Star Trek knowledge and will show small clips with commentary from the many Star Trek TV-shows.

  • Manga / Animé fans will give talks about their passion and help others that feel the same way. Afterwards they will enrich our masquerade with some of the most incredible costumes!

  • Role playerswill demonstrate new types of games and talk about how to design games. Other game designers will talk about the foundation for computer games design, their history and the ‘frame stories’ that are the basis of their creation. Board games will also be held during the festival.


Science theme

Our science theme

True to tradition we will be having a Science Cafe during our Danish Science Fiction Cafe, or a different type of scientific stand with information and reports. This time around we have also created an entire scientific theme through all three days of the festival. A row of Denmark’s best scientists will be available to present their newest research within the following categories:

  • The Solar System: We will be hearing news about the Sun, the Moon, Pluto, Saturn and its moon, Titan – and the latest on Mars exploration.

  • Cosmology and astrophysics: We will hear about the Big Bang, gamma bursts, dark matter and dark energy, asteroid seismology and — of course — about the many newly discovered exo-planets.

  • Space travel and space exploration: We will hear from both NASA and the ESA’s projects, about space tourism, and the Danish space industry and about Danish astronauts.

  • Physics: This one is about quantum teleportation, black holes, gravity waves, superstrings and nano-technology – what more could you want?

  • Astrobiology: More on life in other parts of the universe and our search for it.


Round table theme

Our round table theme

We have reserved a special room for our Round Tables. These are the events in which a maximum of 10 fans (and no more) will be granted the opportunity – without an audience – to spend 45 minutes with one of the festivals Guests of Honor. This is the opportunity to meet one of the ”celebrities” up close and personal, have discussions with them and receive good advice, etc.

Movie program

Our movie program

We will be showing a series of films at the festival in a specially fitted cinema room, including many films that are often hard to catch elsewhere:

  • Cinema/TV movies: From the Indian (Bollywood) movie scene Kol Mil Gaya - the first Hindu science fiction flick, and Ratrace - a real Austrian cult movie, to Himmelskibet (The Skyship) - the Danish silent film from 1917 and the world’s first SF feature film and all the way to the Serbian TV movie based on Zoran Živković’s novels. Alongside this stunning list there will also be a row of Dave Lally’s legendary science fiction commercials from the last few decades.

  • For some of the movies the showing on Eurocon would be the first in Denmark. This goes for movies like Laurens Postma's film EXITZ and Charlos Atanes' Proxima.

  • Fanfilms: We will also be showing a row of the best fan movies. Films made by enthusiastic fans about their favourite subjects. From professional horror tributes to Frankenstein vs. the Blood Cove, and actual fan movies like Star Wreck and films made by dedicated Star Wars fans.

  • Movies about fans: Furthermore there will be a showing of the wellknown German author, Thomas R. P. Mielke’s own recordings of a legendary science fiction festival in China in 1991 to which 15 international SF authors including Brian Aldiss, Frederik Pohl, E.A. Hull and Jack Williamson were invited. Mielke will be commenting throughout the movie.

Read a longer description of the films mentioned above.



At EUROCON there will be a party every night!

  • Friday: a Free Friday Party in which there will be a chance to casually meet both Guests of Honour and other special program guests. There will also be a chance to meet the staff and all your fellow participants. It is free of charge to participate, but one must pay for one’s own food and drink – and if you are a nice person you could pay a drink for a Guest of Honour or another special program guest whom you might want to chat with.

  • Saturday: The day of the Great Banquet. It is the traditional dinner with speeches and surprise events, including awards ceremonies (of both Danish SF, the European EUROCON awards and the Irish AEON awards). Also there will be a great masquerade. There is a special ticket price which one must pay in order to participate in this wonderful event.

  • Sunday: After cleaning up there we will be having a mega closing party for all those that have not yet gone home. By then we will all be tired so we will be holding the traditional Dead Dog Party. If you wish to help with cleaning up feel free to do so. The quicker we finish, the quicker we can party on at the Dead Dog Party!



In the breaks — if one can find some during all of these events – you will be able to see exhibitions or visit one of the many sales stands — if you are not to busy getting some food in the cafeteria.

The cafeteria is also going to be our fan room, in which we hope the participants will have the opportunity to bring fanzines, magazines, books or likewise anything for free use in the fan room. This will help all of our guests receive a large overview of the science fiction fan scene. Usually the free material in such a room can lead new fans into a long life of interest for science fiction. So bring something along to share with others so they can enjoy it as much as you have yourself!

Last, but not least there is our auction. We are looking for different types of items (manuscripts, books, magazines, movies, comics, paintings, figurines, sculptures and so pertaining to science fiction) all of which can be auctioned off. There will be a lot of rare stuff too. There are two options here:

  1. You donate your object of choice to EUROCON and the sales of the object goes to EUROCON so you can help the festival,
  2. or the 80/20 rule in which 80% of the sales price goes to the vendor and 20% goes to EUROCON.
It is very important you contact us before the festival starts if you would lik to sell something at the auction!

Well met at EUROCON 2007!

Knud Larn
Program Coordinator