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What is Eurocon?

Eurocon is a convention that takes place in a different European country each year (or each other year). First time was in 1972 where the organisation behind the convention, ESFS (European Science Fiction Society) was established.

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Eurocon history

Eurocon was held the first time in Triest, Italy in 1972 where the organisation behind the Eurocons, ESFS (European Science Fiction Society) was founded. In many years sf-cons were dominated by American cons and the Worldcon, but it wasn't before 1972 that a real European tradtion got started.

Since then the Eurocon has taken place in countries like France, Poland, Belgium, Germany, Yugoslavia, Hungary, San Marino, Jersey, Romania, Scotland, Lithuania, Ireland, the Check Republic, Finland and Bulgaria (a few of the countries more than once). Now is the first time the Eurocon comes to Denmark.

Read more about where the Eurocon took place during the years at this site:


ESFS (European Science Fiction Society) is the organisation behind the Eurocon from a formal point of view. I.e. this is the organisation that at the yearly General Meeting decides where Eurocon will take place in the future.

The organisation was established in 1972 at the very first Eurocon in Trieste, Italy and since then has held Eurocon at least every other year, since 1999 every year. The organisation doesn't really have any means and is currently strutured rather informally, thus it is the responsibility of the country in question to arrange the Eurocon from a practical point of view.


Why is Eurocon 2007 held in Denmark?

That is really a long story, but to tell it in a short way, Denmark presented a bid at 2005's Eurocon in Glasgow (which was also a Worldcon) and won the vote over competing bidder Ireland.

Eurocon in the years to come

Eurocon 2008 will be in Moscow. On Eurocon 2007 in Copenhagen a vote was held to determine where Eurocon should be held in 2009. Finland and Italy had made a bid. It was Italy who won the vote.

Eurocon Awards

At each Eurocon the Eurocon Awards are handed out in various categories. Read about the Eurocon Awards and this years winners here The European Science Fiction Society Awards

The Eurocon 2007 logo

Eurocon 2007's mermaidlogo is designed by Lene Fagerlund Larsen. Se more of her drawings in her gallery.


Baltcon 2007 is part of Eurocon 2007. Read more about Baltcon

Eurocon 2007 short story contest

In connection with Eurocon 2007 there will be a short story contest. Winners will be announced at Eurocon 2007. Read more about Eurocon 2007 short story contest

The winners of the contest are now published on the page

Eurocon Guideline

Since Eurocon 2006 in Kiev work has been done on a draft version of a document describing how to arrange a Eurocon. The document can now be downloaded at ESFS. Read more here.