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Eurocon 2007 Progress Report no. 8 - October 2007

Welcome to Eurocon 2007 Progress Report number eight.

This is the absolutely final Progress Report to be sent out, as Eurocon 2007 is now over.

We would like to thank all that participated in one way or the other and hope that you had a nice experience.


There were several issues that popped up during the convention, but by helping each other we believe that we solved the majority of the problems right away. From what we can see from the reviews we are mostly receiving positive reactions.

You can now find reports and pictures here:

If you have anything to add to this link collection please send it to

We haven't yet finalised the accounts, but we believe that we had approximately 850 people at the convention (incl. GoHs, programme participants and staff). If we get out with a little plus, we expect this to go to the next Danish sf-convention.


After having this many people under the same roof for three days you cannot avoid that people loose stuff. We believe that we have found out where most of the stuff belongs, but if you do miss anything please contact us with details.

Right now we only miss the following items:

- One art book with the title "Revelations" by Max Bertolini. This is
 clearly marked (in Danish) as a sponsored gift to Eurocon 2007.

- A videocamera Sony DCR-PC110 incl. tape and memory sticks.

If you have any information about these items, we would like to hear about it. About the videocamera a reward will be paid for information, as it belongs to me (chairman, Eurocon 2007) and contains takes and pictures that cannot be replaced.


We hope you had a nice experience by being at a science fiction convention and hope you might join one again soon. The next Danish sf-con is Fantasticon 2008 - 26th and 27th April in Copenhagen (Vanløse):

The next Eurocon is in Moscow 15th thru 18th May:

Other Nordic cons:

With kind regards

Eurocon 2007