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Welcome to Eurocon 2007 Progress Report number five.

If things have seen a bit slow concerning Eurocon 2007, it's probably because July is typically holiday season in Denmark. This means that a lot of our staff have been out travelling and therefore not able to answer to your e-mails. We haven't sit still in this period, but a lot of the activities have been internal (editing etc.).

We are nearing August and things will start to speed up again. If you really miss an answer to an important question, please check out our list of contact addressees to find out who to ask:

Preregistration period extended

Due to popular demand we are now extending the deadline for preregistration a little bit. The deadline has now been extended one week, and will not be extended further. This means that the final deadline for preregistration at Eurocon 2007 (both for membership and hotel booking) is: 8TH OF AUGUST 2007.

After this date you can only pay at the door. We open for sale of day tickets and weekend tickets on the Thursday before the convention. More information follows later on.


The various publications are being edited right now, and are almost ready to be printed. This is also true for the European anthology. The book will be at approximately 240 pages and will contain 12 short stories from 11 European countries. One of the stories is Ian McDonald's Hugo-nominated "The Djinn's Wife". As Worldcon is finished about a week before Eurocon 2007, we could theoretically have a Hugo-winner in the book.

Sign-up sheet for events

In the previous Progress Report we told a bit about the banquet and other events. You can still not sign up for any of these events, but in a short while there will be a sign-up sheet at the website. This will be announced via a Progress Report and on the website. And by the way: If you have had any problems lately with e-mail to us, this is most certainly because we have been running our mail-services on another server in a short period.

Practical information

A few members have asked for 'tickets'. We do not produce tickets as such, but will instead print personal con-badges. These will for both practical and economical reasons not be sent out to people, but will be handed out at registration. With kind regards Eurocon 2007