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Short Story Competition

In connection with Eurocon 2007 there will be a short story contest. Winners will be announced at Eurocon 2007. Membership of or presence at Eurocon 2007 is not required.

The story must be 2007 words or less in English and science fiction or other fantastic genre. Deadline for the contest is august 1st 2007.

Only one entry per participant accepted. Published stories are not accepted. Eurocon 2007 gain the right to publish any participating stories once within one year. Publishing on a website is subject to the writer's approval.

The number and nature of prizes will be announced later.

Please note that 2007 words is a lot less than most short fiction, and that you may submit a very short story of 500 or less words, or poetry, if you like.

Mail your story to Txt or rtf preferred. Any formatting may be removed before evaluation by the judges. Please give full name and address.

Send your questions about the contest to Flemming R.P. Rasch at


Nordic Fan Fund is busy this year. Denmark has for the first time ever elected a NoFF'er, Tue Sørensen, and he will travel to Finncon in a few weeks time to represent Danish fandom and Eurocon 2007.

2007 is also the year when Denmark will get a visit from two NoFFs at the same time. From Finland Pasi Karppanen has chosen to go to Denmark, and we are looking forward to see Pasi at Eurocon 2007. From Sweden we will get a visit from either Johan Jönsson or Ylva Spångberg depending on who wins the NoFF race to Copenhagen. As a new rule, Danes are also welcome to vote for the Swedish NoFFer.

Website updated

We have had several updates of the website at since the last time, and in a very short time we will switch to an automatic system - a Content Management System (CMS) - instead of the manual html-pages we now maintain. This means that we can make updates faster and easier. If you have changes or suggestions you can still write to the webmaster at

Eurocon 2009

As part of Eurocon 2007 we have to decide where Eurocon should take place in 2009.

The ESFS committee recently received information from Finland that they would make an official bid at Eurocon 2007. Eemeli Aro (who together with Jukka Halme and Topi Toosi is the Finncon 2009 triumvirate) writes us the following:

"I'm positive that Finncon 2009 will be the largest SF-fandom event in Europe in 2009, as well as being the most international Finncon to date. Starting with this year's Eurocon, we'll be publicising ourselves throughout the continent, as we don't think people really believe our attending membership numbers (at least 6000 last year).

As always, Finncon membership will be free of charge."

More information later about the Finnish bid.

Apart from Finland we believe that Hungary might also bid for 2009, as they lost the vote to Russia last year (for 2008) and might bid again. Anybody heard anything from Hungary?

Italy were to bid at Kiev last year but decided to wait at least a year. We don't know if they are formally making a bid but would very much like to get confirmation about this.

If you want to make a bid, please tell us about it at

Sponsors - deadline for poster

If you want to be a sponsor of Eurocon 2007, now is the time to do something about it. We really need you as a sponsor, and if you'll make the deadline of 15th of July, your logo will be on the official poster. In any case, all sponsors will be shown at the website from the day they sign up, so better now than later. Contact us at for further information.


The European original anthology is progressing. We now have contributions from at least the following countries: Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Spain. If your country is not listed yet, maybe you should read about the rules at our website or get in touch with the editor at The official deadline has just passed, so be fast and contact the editor now!


It is our great pleasure to inform you that we will have a masquerade at Eurocon 2007. Details are still being worked out, but it will be with prizes in several categories and will be great fun. Watch this space!

Eurocon Awards

Please be aware that we are nearing the deadline for Eurocon Award nominations. You should tell us your nominations by July 21st at the latest.
Read more about the Eurocon Awards at the ESFS website:

Send details about your nominations incl. links and descriptions to the following e-mail address: as described in progress report no. 3.


The final, detailed programme will be announced just before the convention begins, but at the website you can now find an overview of what has already been set. Please note that we will be having 8 simultaneous activities AND displays running for all three days alongside sales stands.

Also note that banquet tickets AND tickets to closed VIP meets - the Round Tables - are sold before the convention begins. These tickets also require that you have ALREADY signed up for the convention beforehand. Otherwise you will not be able to purchase them. Tickets will be offered AT FIRST to members in the member's directory, only thereafter will possible left over seats be available for purchase when signing up. We expect that they will be sold out quickly, especially the meetings with Anne McCaffrey and the other Guests of Honor, including our fantastic Saturday Banquet with good food, speeches and surprises - so remember to sign up as early as possible.

Sign up sheets for the various events will be online later, and will be announced in a forthcoming progress report.

Eurocon 2007 now has more than 200 preregistered members, and we are getting more each day. Remember that August 1st is the very latest chance to preregister for Eurocon 2007 at the cheap price. After that you can only buy day tickets.

Please remember that if you want to get in touch with us, use the contact addresses that are specified on our website. That way you will get in touch with the right person(s) right away.

With kind regards

Eurocon 2007