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Eurocon 2007 Progress Report no. 3 - April 2007

Welcome to Eurocon 2007 progress report number three.

In this newsletter we only have a few items to cover, so we'll try to be brief this time.

Now over to the news:


We are happy to annonce that we have now made an agreement with SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) and appointed them our official airlines.
For you as a member of the convention it means that you will get discounts when booking via SAS. The website has details about how and where to book: Travel Plans. Please be aware that this discount is only for members of Eurocon 2007 and any companions that are traveling with you.
If you want to play tourist when you are in Denmark we would advise you to arrive a few days before the convention as we expect to be able to plan a few sightseeing tours or similar events.


Nominations are needed for the following European Hall of Fame awards:

  • Best Author
  • Best Translator
  • Best Promoter
  • Best Magazine
  • Best Publisher
  • Best Artist

The final shortlist will be one nomination per category for each country. Previous winners are not eligible for nomination (see here for a list of previous winners:
Please send details about your nominees along with the nomination, including links to any relevant websites, to the following email address
The following two awards are also presented at the convention:
  • Best fanzine
  • Best author of performance

IMPORTANT: Be aware that according to the statutes nominations should be made at least two months before the opening of the Eurocon. This means that the deadline for nominations is Saturday the 21st of July. Only members of Eurocon 2007 can nominate for the Eurocon Awards.
Please check out the esfs website for the statutes, including the rules for the Eurocon Awards:
We will put information about the nominations up on the Eurocon 2007 web site as they are coming in. If any country comes up with more than one nomination per category we will ask the members of that country to make a vote in order to arrive at max. one nomination for each category per country as of July 21st.


The European Science Fiction Society (ESFS) has now announced two new e-mail addresses for direct contact with the esfs committee.
If you want to contact the committee (for anything besides the Eurocon awards) use this address:

A new discussion list has also been created. Send an e-mail to in order to discuss Eurocon and esfs matters with others interested. Subscription is not automatic, so you will have to contact Roberto Quaglia ( about this.

With kind regards
Eurocon 2007