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Welcome to Eurocon 2007 Progress Report number six

Now Eurocon 2007 is nearing. Only two weeks left, and everybody in the committee is working hard to get the last details in place.

In this Progress Report we can reveal a bit more about what's going to happen at Eurocon 2007, and at the same time we have now opened for sign up sheets to the various events that take place around Eurocon 2007.


The Eurocon 2007 Exhibition is now being finalised.

In the room FANTASTIC on the 4th floor we will present the following artists:

  • Lene Fagerlund Larsen - Denmark - art (Official Eurocon Logo Designer)
  • Milan Dubnicky - Slovakia - art
  • Jean-Pierre Laigle - France - science fiction telephone cards
  • Valentin Capotescu - Romania - spaceship models

We may also have some Star Trek and Star Wars memorabilia to display.

In the room, FUTURES, also on the 4th floor we present a special exhibition 'The Visions of David A. Hardy' with art from our renowned guest of honour.

Sunday at 1800 hours exhibition items for sale will be set for auction.
More information to come on the web site in the near future.

For questions, contact the Exhibitions Coordinator, Ulrik Kristiansen, at

Changes may still occur, so stay tuned for more news.


We are grateful for the big interest in our short story competition. We received a total of 39 stories from 10 countries. They have now all been sent out to the judges. The winner will be presented at Eurocon 2007 together with other awards at Saturday evening.


Eurocon 2007 has many names on the programme, some local and some international. We have authors, artists, media people and scientists coming to make the programme both comprehensive and exiting. In this Progress Report we will only mention a few names. You can read more on the website as the programme gets finished.

Svend Åge Madsen (author, Denmark)
Svend Åge Madsen was born in 1939, had his debut as a writer in 1963 with the novel Besøget (The Visit), and has since published a large number of novels, short stories, radio plays and children's books. His early writings are characterised by an experimental attitude towards literature, which results in some fairly abstract works. By the end of the sixties, however, Madsen begins to experiment with the elements of storytelling and literary models. Among the frameworks included in his work are patterns taken from the science fiction genre. Both the novel Liget og Lysten (The Corpse and the Craving, 1968) as well as the collection of short stories Maskeballet (The Masked Ball, 1970) thus contain elements of sci-fi. However, Madsen's science fiction writing only really gets underway around the mid-seventies, where he has developed his storytelling in a new direction. As opposed to earlier abstraction, he now clearly moves toward the more specific, as regards his characters who now resemble "normal" novel characters to a higher degree, as well as his geography. From this point onwards, nearly everything written by Madsen takes place in the same fictional universe, geographically centred around Århus with a temporal spread from the sixteenth century to well into the 21st.

Thomas R.P. Mielke (author, Germany)
Thomas R.P. Mielke attended WORLD SF ANNUAL MEETING 1991 in Chengdu, China. They where 15 international SF-writers (including Brian Aldiss, Frederick Pohl, E.A. Hull and the famous Jack Williamson(83)), invited by the technical university of Sechuan. 300 rich Chinese fans had to pay for all events, e.g. tea-meeting with the gouvernor, sechuan opera, buddha-temple, frog- and worm-dinner, yangtse-irrigation etc. Mielke will be showing a 50 minutes private footage from the convention, and be telling about the event. It is exactly 50 years ago he joined his first SF-con = the worldcon 1957 in London.

Holger Bech Nielsen (scientist, Denmark)
Holger Bech Nielsen (born 25 August 1941) is a Danish theoretical physicist, professor at the Niels Bohr Institute, at the University of Copenhagen, where he started studying physics in 1961. He has made original contributions to theoretical particle physics, for example string theory. He was awarded the highly esteemed Humboldt Prize in 2001 for his scientific research. Several nuclear physical concepts are named after him, e.g. Nielsen-Olesen Vortex. He is known in Denmark for his enthusiastic public lectures on physics. [from Wikipedia]


We have tried to make a movie program with movies that people not normally would get the chance to see. In this Progress Report we will only mention one item, Journey to Saturn, but check out the website for more movies.

Journey to Saturn
Based on the graphic novel by Claus Deleuran, Journey to Saturn tells the tale of what happens when a Danish crew of misfits travel in space to find natural gas. The movie premieres in 2008, but on Eurocon some of the people behind the movie tells about the work with the movie.


At Eurocon 2007 you as a con-goer get the opportunity to dress-up and act as your favorite character from movies/series/books or games. There will be prizes in several categories in the contest. The contest will be judged by a committee, so the contest will be judged fairly.

There will be prizes for the following categories in the Masquerade:

  • Best act
  • Best group
  • Best craft (it's only possible to win this category, if you have made your own costume).

Read more about the rules of the maquerade and how to sign up here


At Eurocon 2007 there are a few items where you can sign up separately, e.g. the reception at the Town Hall, Round Table with GoH's etc. and the banquet Saturday evening.
Read more about these events and sign up here

With kind regards
Eurocon 2007