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Olav M.J. Christiansen - Chairman

Olav has been active in Danish fandom since the nineties when he moved to Copenhagen. He has a history in other clubs both as chairman and as an editor.

He took part in practical issues with regard to the big Danish sf-convention Fabula 96.

During two years he edited Science Fiction Cirklen's members' magazine, Novum.

Olav took the initiative and was co-founder of the club Fantastik in 2003. Furthermore he was chairman of the club until 2006.

He was head of the two Danish conventions Fantasticon 2004 and Fantasticon 2005, and he was host of the very first inter-Nordic smofcon: Snorfcon I in 2004. Today he is a member of the current Snorfcon committee.

Olav has been a member of a writers' group and had a few short stories published in Novum.

He is working as an independent IT-consultant via the company Jydholm IT Aps, which is owned by Olav exclusively. Olav is a member of the National Space Society and hopes one day to travel out into space.

Carl-Eddy Skovgaard - Treasurer

Carl-Eddy has been Chairmann for Science Fiktion Cirklen (SFC) for a many years at least 10.

Regarding Festivals Carl-Eddy has been in the arrangement group for the largge international SFC cons in 1977, 1980 and 1996.

Carl-Eddy has also been involved in most of the national cons (Dancon) during the last 25 years.

Carl-Eddy has loved SF since childhood and since 1975 I have been involved in the Danich science fiction society (Science Fiction Cirklen), and been a steady boardmember since 1977.

Knud Larn - Program Coordinator

Born 1965 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Literary critic & translator (English-Danish / Danish-English ; German-Danish / Danish-German). Writes for Danish & foreign genre magazines and fanzines. Member of the international akademic network Science Fiction Research Association. Publish the Danish fanzine SCIENCE FICTION and edits the Danish science fiction webportal Sits on the management board of Science Fiction Cirklen Science Fiction Cirklen, the oldest science fiction organization in Denmark (begun in 1974). Blogs at Collects Danish and foreign science fiction magazines, pulps & fanzines. Email:

Jesper Andersen - System Administrator

Born 1975. Active in science fiction and fantasy fandom for about 5 years. Has been a member of several gaming clubs and SFC (Science Fiction Cirklen). Has been board-member of several clubs and is co-founder of Fantastik. Has arranged several gaming cons plus Fantasticon in 2004 and 2005.


Ulrik Kristiansen - PR, Art Exhibition
Thomas Winther - Film Programme, Web
Lea Thume - Green Room, PR, GoH's
Flemming R.P. Rasch - Short Story Competition
Klaus Æ. Mogensen - Anthology
Casper Jensen - Masquerade, Manga/Anime
Rasmus Wichmann - Masquerade, PR
Jesper Rugård Jensen - Accommodation, Tourist Guides