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On this page we will try to collect conrep's and galleries of pictures taken on Eurocon. Please email more links to:

Pictures by Tommy Persson
Pictures by Carsten Riis
Pictures by Anders Reuterswärd
Pictures by Lars Konzack
Pictures by ssilvenon
Pictures by Max Morando
Pictures in Fantastiks gallery
Pictures by Hans on A Meeting of Minds
Pictures on
Pictures by Pasi Karppanen

Con-reps/blogs in English:
Tony Thorne website
Partial Recall blog by Tero Ykspetäjä
babylonlurker blog
Science Fiction awards watch blog
Energia - The Star Wreck guys blog
Press Play on Tape blog
The 2007 European SF Society Business Meeting
Convention Review Jonathan Cowie reports

Con-reps/blogs in Danish:
Interstellar sysctl blog by Jeppe Larsen blog by Janus Andersen
gyserblog blog by Søren Henrik Jacobsen
At skrive romaner blog by A. M. Vedsø Olesen
Lise Andreasen website

Con-reps/blogs (other):
The Royal super bibbastuderand blog
sf-boom blog

Online articles:
Spænd rumhjelmen - article in MetroXpress 21/9
Mere end Marsmænd - article in Valby Bladet 19/9
Forenet om fremtiden - article in MetroXpress 25/9
Eurocon reklame og konkurence - in PROSAbladet nr.8 2007 (page 27)
Vindere af Eurocon-konkurence -  in PROSAbladet nr.9 2007 (page 41)
Da Darth Vader kom til Valby -   in PROSAbladet nr.10 2007 (page 22)

Online Video:
SF WIW interviews with Zoran Zivkovic and others
Anne McCaffrey reading at Eurocon 2007