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Membership of Eurocon 2007 gives you full access to the entire convention on all three days from Friday morning until Sunday afternoon. There are a few events where you will have to pay separately, such as the banquet, but other than that the membership will give you access to all programme items, movie track included.

When you pay to become a member of Eurocon 2007 you do not only get tickets to a convention, but will also be taking part in an experience. Thus, you have the option of participating in several of the programme items and you don't have to settle on only being a passive viewer.

The membership fee for Eurocon 2007 depends on when you sign up and pay:

  • From 1st January 2007 and until 8th August 2007 the price was: DKK 150 or £ 15 or € 22.50 or US$ 29 or NOK 165 or SEK 195 (not possible anymore)
  • After that (only at the door) the price per day is: DKK 100 (no foreign currency accepted at the door)
  • A weekend ticket (Friday to Sunday) can be purchased at the door on Friday for DKK 200
  • Price for children:
    0-5 years has free entrance (but should bee registered)
    6-12 years is half price

NB: You could only preregister your membership until August 8th. After that date you can only buy tickets at the door.


An agent is a person that you can contact about membership, and one that can help you with questions about Eurocon. See the list here

List of members

See a list of the members that has already signed up for Eurocon 2007. See the list.

Signup for special events on Eurocon

The entrance admission for Eurocon gives pass to most of the program. A few special events requires that you signup, or a special pass is bought :

  • Round table sessions - Spend up to one hour together with your favourite writer or artist
  • Banquet - The banquet is Saturday night
  • Reception - Friday morning, there is a reception at Copenhagen City Hall
  • Guided tour -Thursday at 14.00 there is a guided tour around Copenhagen
  • Pickup at the airport - We will try to arrange a pickup at the airport

Use the signup form  if you want to partisitat in any of the abow


At Eurocon 2007 you as a con-goer get the opportunity to dress-up and act as your favorite character from movies/series/books or games. There will be prizes in several categories in the contest. The contest will be judged by a comity, so the contest will be judged fairly.
To participate in the Eurocon Masquerade you need to sign up. Read more about the  masquerade